Cranberry Recipe -Gluten/Dairy Free!

27 Jul


(Recipe done 11-4-12)


My friend, Jessica, Gave me her Holiday Cranberry recipe

  that I made last year for Thanksgiving  and boy was it so ever Yummy!

This year I’m going to swap & tweak

                                            the recipe to make it Gluten/Dairy free!




  • ·       2  cups tart apples-(Grannie Smith Apples)
  •      2  cups raw cranberries   
  •     3/4 cups of Stevia Sugar(Truvia)
  •      1 cup Gluten free rolled oats                                                                            (I use  Bob’s Red Mill Gluten free Quick cooking oats)
  •      1/2 cup Earth Balance butter spread (gluten/dairy/soy free)
  •   1/2 cup Gluten free flour 
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar 
  • 1-2 wedge of lemon
  • Apple pie seasoning

  Preheat oven to -350 degree F

Basic recipe instruction:

Mix all of the above together-Bake for 50 minutes in a butter casserole dish. 

Cover 1/2 of baking time, then remove top for other half.

Place cranberries in a mixing bowl.

      Melting the Earth balance butter blend.

Measure out the Quick oats & add to the cranberries .

Add Stevia.

Add brown sugar & set aside.

Wash , Peel & Chop apples.

  Add a squeeze of lemon juice.

Place apples in a separate  bowl.

Add 1/4 cup flour to the apples.

And 1/4 cup to the cranberries mixture.

     Sprinkle in Apple pie spice to the apples.

  Stir apple mixture.

Stir cranberry mixture .

Add both mixtures together.

Mix until all is well combined.

        Add melted butter spread.

  Mix until all is well combined.

Place mixture into a buttered casserole baking dish.

                                                   (I used Earth balanced butter spread.)

I sprinkled Apple pie spice onto the buttery dish.

  Pat down .

  Cover and bake for 25 minutes.

Enough time for me to enjoy a glass of 

Pomegranate & Cranberry & Presecco wine!

                                                       (Got to get my Antioxidants!)

  After 25  minutes -Take out of the oven & uncover.

  I add extra crumb topping with mixing more oats & brown sugar .

  Sprinkle topping on top.

  Sprinkle more Apple pie spice on top .

 Add more Earth Balance buttery spread on top 

& bake for remaining 25 minutes.


For your Holiday meal …..

    Serve with dinner as a sweet side dish

Or with ice cream as a dessert.

     I prefer So Delicious dairy free brand .

    Cookie dough  is what I had on hand                                    

    otherwise Vanilla flavor would be best.

Nice portion size for me…..







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