Glutino Gluten Free Pan Pizza

17 Oct

Glutino Gluten Free Pan Pizza


My husband & I agreed for dinner last week that it was going

to be a Personal Pan Pizza night!

We are going to make our own pizza with our individual  choice of toppings ,


then I thought instead of making two round pizzas why not just make a big pan pizza

like my Italian granmother always used to make hers and divide down the middle (HIS & HER PIZZA) .

That is exactly what we did !

I am using Glutino Pizza Crust Mix 

and our favorite jar of Del Grosso pizza sauce.

Our toppings we have chosen were the same except for the cheese since I do not do dairy.

We had crumbled bacon, crumbled Italian turkey sausage 


 sauteed garlic mushroom .

My husband topped his pizza with a lot of cheese…

Mozzarella &



First thing first …

Make the Pizza dough…


  Let rise covered

 with a  MOPPINE


in a warm place


For 1 hour



after the pizza dough had risen

roll out the dough and place unto a sheet pan

 then add pizza sauce & toppings ….

  Bake …

  Enjoy !!!

My husband’s pizza may have looked better with all that cheese (dairy)

However mine tasted just as good !!!

Product & review

Glutino Pizza crust mix worked perfectly !!!

This gluten free pizza crust mix 

will be my go to brand for many more

makings of pizza dinner nights!!! 

This  pizza dough would also work for recipes 

to  make really good focaccia bread,

 calazones, Stromboli,

garlic Parmesan bread sticks too!!!! 


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